LINC – ANJE Incubation and Acceleration Centres

ANJE is the main player in company incubation and acceleration in Portugal, managing a network of incubation and acceleration centres that represents an initial overall investment of 8,880,000 euros. There is a total of 11 infrastructures spread around the country and almost 140 physical spaces for setting up companies, in addition to numerous virtual incubation possibilities.
Coordinated by the association, in close cooperation with local powers, particularly local councils, the ANJE incubation and acceleration centres offer much more than just suitable logistic conditions for setting up new businesses, promoted by young people aged between 18 and 40. Company and institutional networking and technical training and monitoring are just some items on the extensive list of complementary services. 
The geographic scope and constant growth of the network of infrastructures are also distinctive elements of ANJE's company incubation services. This constantly expanding dynamic process began in 1995 when the first infrastructures for providing support for new companies were opened in Maia and Faro. Under the scope of this expansion strategy, new projects are currently being developed by the association, reinforcing and decentralising the logistic support provided by ANJE to young Portuguese entrepreneurs. 
There are connections without which new businesses cannot progress. The company, association and even local environment come together in all ANJE Incubation Centres. Networking, spaces, services and prices tailored to the entrepreneurs make up the scenario where new and innovative companies are helped to start up and develop.
Advantages of the ANJE incubation / acceleration network
What really sets the ANJE incubation / acceleration network apart is, on the one hand, the outstanding monitoring given to companies and, on the other, the effort made to adapt to local socioeconomic contexts. In the first case, ANJE shares all the experience and know-how it has acquired in almost 30 years promoting young entrepreneurship. 
ANJE helps the companies by organising business events (pitching sessions, mentoring, acceleration programmes, fundraising, etc.), holding training courses, developing networking, detecting investment opportunities, attracting financing, promoting partnerships, preparing applications for incentives, defining internationalisation strategies and disclosing relevant information. 
In the second case, it is about knowing the local reality and interacting with its main players in order to make the incubation suitable to the needs of each specific socioeconomic context. Its geographic scope is a clear advantage of the ANJE incubation / acceleration network, insofar as it makes it possible to meet the needs of young entrepreneurs not only in the large urban centres, such as Lisbon and Porto, but also in smaller cities – some of them far from the decision-making centres, such as Évora, Póvoa de Varzim or Faro.