ANJE closes partnership with Startup League to help promising startups exhibit at Web Summit 2018 ANJE - Portuguese Association of Young Entrepreneurs and Startup League, a marketing program created by Radix to support early-stage high-potential startups, have just signed a collaboration agreement and the first benefit of this partnership can now be found at Web Summit 2018. The relationship now established between the two entities enables ANJE’s startups (associated, incubated or accelerated) to access a unique set of advantages in branding, marketing and sponsorship, along with the participation in major entrepreneurship and technology events in external markets. ANJE also joins the radar of Startup League’s partners and pledges to reinforce the program’s presence in Portugal.
Know the Startup Portugal Plus measures The Portuguese Government launched Startup Portugal Plus, program that aims to be a new impulse for the national entrepreneurship strategy launched in 2016. The Startup Portugal Plus program contains 20 new emergent challenges that join forces with a full hand of initiatives of the first version of the strategy. The main goals are more ecosystem, more funding and more internationalization.
Living in an ultra-peripheral region – in this case, Madeira Island - cannot be considered as an impediment to business and personal development. Luís Tavares is 23 years old and thought that the opportunities only arose in large metropolises until he got to know Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs - a program that allows anyone to develop their business idea in external markets, having the opportunity to learn from older and more experienced foreign entrepreneurs, whilst getting to know different places and cultures.
Like so many young entrepreneurs, Luís was looking for a company that could help him develop this idea until he found GEMAST Consulting, a startup based in the city of Brescia, in Italy. Having ANJE – Portuguese Association of Young Entrepreneurs as one of the local contact points of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program, Luís was able to contact GEMAST; the match was mutual and his adventure in Italy finally began.
Between 2014 and 2015, ANJE held 261,000 hours of training on 828 courses.
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11 infrastructures spread around the country and almost 140 physical spaces for setting up companies.